Share House

Some of us have lived in a share house. Others have heard the horror stories, the wild party stories and  stories of unusual randoms popping up in kitchens and bathrooms. But everyone will secretly wish they had lived in one as crazy and fun as this one!

Current Projects

Little Movies


Where kids can be the star of their own animated movie. Our little movies are a fun collectible for 21st birthdays, or presents for Nanna or Grandpa. Over 50 movie titles to choose from.

From Little Pilot to Little Ballarina or Little Fairy. We then create your very own movie site that is password protected so only those who mum and dad invite to your premiere can watch.

Packages start at $2250 for a 15 minute feature. This includes character creation, storyboard, animation and editing. We then upload your movie to your account page on as an example, where you can download your little film. We are working on adding your little ones face as part of the animation which will make their little movie even more life like!


Happy Hippie


An epic adventure of one man, one dog and a two person camper van. 826 days and over 400 travel companions

From Byron Bay across to Steep Point, down to South East Cape then all the way to the tip of Cape York

An around Australia adventure where hundreds of backpackers from across the globe knew him simply as Happy Hippie.

Possibly larger than EPIC, not that he remembers a lot of it…

RIP Samson The Bull Terrier.

The Comedy Network and Panama Red Productions Film

My Big Fat Bogan Wedding


From the proposal, to the hens and bucks nights onto the big day itself, the wedding. Then all the way to the honeymoon we are doing weddings Bogan style.

Have your own bogan wedding coming up in 2019 or know a friend or family member who is planning the ultimate bogan wedding then drop us a line via our contact page.

A Production of The Comedy Network


Radio Nitro


The Comedy Networks new radio product is a natural progression on from our beginnings when we teamed up with  The American Comedy Network back in 2007.

Developed for audiences overseas, Radio Nitro is a fully produced offering of audio bits. From a 10 minute world news piece called The Sausage to hilarious calls that are totally off the wall.

We are always on the lookout for new talent to join Radio Nitro either as writers or voice artists.

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